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Right now, you can start postcards to voters encouraging them to
BE A VOTER while informing them about vital issues.

Studies have shown that voters who receive a personal postcards in the mail are more likely to vote. It’s also an easy and fast way you can take action right from your home and help increase voter turnout across the county. Anyone can write postcards - even kids with a bit of oversight! You can write one or two postcards a night or a bunch at one time. 

How the program works

Step #1: Fill out the form below and we will send you a Postcard Packet. Please request only the amount you are sure you can complete before October 14 for the General Election

Step #2: One of our volunteer leaders will be in touch to make arrangements to get you a Postcard Packet that will include postcards and a voter list with names and addresses.


Step #3: Address your postcards and add postage (if you are able). If you do not have postage on-hand and do not want to go to the post office, we will affix postage to the cards. You can also donate to support the purchase of postage at


Step #4:  Send an email to once you have completed your postcards. We will make arrangements to pick up your postcards or arrange a drop-off location. We will want your postcards and the list of voters back. It doesn’t matter how you complete your postcards - but it is important that you write ALL the postcards you commit to. If you find you’re unable to complete your packet, please notify us as soon as possible so we can pick them up from you and reassign to someone else.


Step #5: Repeat the process as often as you able.

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