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Eagle County Democrats is 100% led and run by volunteers, and this year we had an amazing team who took time to learn more skills in the face of needing to move our efforts 100% virtual in the face of COVID. Volunteers like you wrote over 10,000 postcards, made thousands of phone calls, and sent tens of thousands of texts to Get Out the Vote this year!

The most effective outreach to voters is at the local grassroots level, so we appreciate your interest in volunteering.

The Election may be over, but there is always work to be done and we’ll be in need of volunteers to help with local initiatives soon. If you’d like to be kept up to date about future volunteer opportunities, please complete our form below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Letter to the Editor Program

Colorado is home to over 100 newspapers across the state in our 64 counties, and Letters to the Editor are one of the best ways to communicate to voters! By being a part of the Colorado Democratic Party’s Letter to the Editor campaign you can help hold Republicans like Lauren Boebert, Ken Buck, Patrick Neville, and others accountable in the local press. We need people to draft letters and/or sign your name to existing letters to submit to our local paper, The Vail Daily. Complete the form below if interested.


Coffee with Polis & Neguse

Getting the word out about our amazing candidates and leaders


Driving cars in parades


Supporting all of our local Democratic candiates

Pride booth

Supporting our LBGTQ+ friends at the annual Pride event

Abortion rally

Organizing reproductive rights rallies and getting the community to participate

Drinks with Dems Basalt.

Hanging out with other Dems at Drinks with Dems in Basalt

Drinks for Dems Edwards

Hanging out with other Dems at Drinks with Dems in Edwards

Obama awards

Attending the annual Obama Gala awards recognizing volunteers

Hosting local fundraisers for candidates

Hosting fundraisers for local Democratic candidates

Phil Weiser 2

Supporting local candidate races and meeting our legislatures

Phil Weiser 1

Listening to candidates at local meet and greets


Making sure all voters are registered

Increasing Visibility in our Community

Making our voices heard

Educating Voters

Educating voters on critical issues


Making sure its easy for all citizens to register to vote


Campaigning for Democratic candidates

Community Involvement

Being involved in our community

Phone Banking

Making thousands of phone calls

Habitat for Humanity

Helping out local organizations and non-profits like Habitat for Humanity

Letter Writing Campaigns

Writing letters to the Editors of the Vail Daily

Protesting for Reproductive Rights

Marching for Reproductive Rights

Dems meeting

Discussing important issues while supporting small, local businesses

Basalt Farmers Market

Recruiting voters at the Basalt Farmers Market

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