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Eagle County leaders show support for statewide affordable housing ballot measure

Proposition 123 will ask voters to set aside a portion of state income taxes for affordable housing projects, grants, initiatives and more

On Tuesday, members of the Eagle County community gathered in support of a statewide affordable housing measure — Proposition 123 — that will be on November’s ballot.

Standing near the future site of an Eagle County School District employee housing project in Edwards, local leaders spoke or stood in support of the measure and the benefits it could bring to the state and to Eagle County. The group included representatives of Eagle County School District, Vail Health, Eagle County government, Habitat for Humanity, the Education Foundation of Eagle County, Vail Valley Partnership as well as Vail native Mike Johnston, a former state senator and campaign backer.

“For communities to thrive, you must have affordable housing,” said Will Cook, the CEO of Vail Health. “When we all lean in — and we look to the federal government and the state government and the local municipal governments and other nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations — and pool precious resources, there’s nothing we can’t do. But the problem here is so significant, we need something like Proposition 123 to bring in much-needed resources, without raising taxes.”

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