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Rally for reproductive rights set for Saturday in Edwards

Community members are organizing a rally in support of reproductive rights Saturday, May 14, at 1 p.m. in Edwards. The rally will take place at the roundabout in Edwards, and participants are encouraged to come with signs to show their support for reproductive rights.

The rally is being organized in response to the draft of a Supreme Court majority decision that indicates the court will overturn Roe v. Wade, which was leaked to the public earlier this month.

“I cannot believe that in 2022, the right to have autonomy of your own body and your own reproductive decision making is in the crosshairs … and I cannot sit idly by and do nothing,” Lewis said. “I know abortion is guaranteed in Colorado and protected and enshrined into the law, but I felt like we need to show support for other women across the country, we need to show them that we’re not going to just take this lying down. We are going to fight for our reproductive rights.”

While the rally is being led by local Democrats, Lewis emphasized that the event is open to all pro-choice advocates and is not party specific.

“It’s just about anyone who is pro choice, who thinks that women should make their own private reproductive choices and decisions,” Lewis said.

Kate Manley, an Eagle resident, recently wrote a guest column for the Vail Daily and organized the first rally in support of reproductive rights on the day of the draft leak. The rally did not get traction due to short notice, so Manley said she is happy that the Eagle County community has another opportunity to show support for reproductive rights and solidarity with women around the country.

“It’s so important to show other women who may be fearing for their rights being taken away that there is a support for you,” Manley said. “We’re going to try as best as we can to amplify your voices, even though we’re protected. Nobody’s free until everybody’s free. It’s the most disenfranchised women whose voices we need to uplift, because when they have access to their rights and they have access to resources, then we all do.”

For more information about Saturday’s rally, email


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