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Crouch: A veteran’s rebuttal to Boebert

Opinion: Westley J. Crouch

Boebert, along with her GOP colleagues, are passing voter restrictions across the country that will make it more difficult for our men and women in uniform to vote. Her definition of “woke” could not be more displaced, and as someone who has served myself, I can tell you that no one in the military cares if a fellow service member identifies as LGBQT — it’s all about that person being able to perform their job. Period.

The issue with COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the military is simple: It comes down to readiness. If an entire battalion has COVID, no matter how severe, it will drastically hinder our ability to protect and defend the United States of America. If Boebert really cared about the troops, she would have focused on issues like how little service members are paid, along with preventing the constant governmental financial waste we see through military contracting.

As a veteran, I am tired of seeing service members being used as political tools for those running for government office. Rep. Boebert is no different in that respect, and the recent column she wrote in the Vail Daily makes that evident. I wanted to put an end to this political practice, and that’s why I now work for Colin Wilhelm, a moderate Democrat running against Lauren Boebert.

There were many reasons I decided to work for Colin Wilhelm, but specifically it was because he does not use service members as a campaign prop. He instead focuses on policy and legislation to better the lives of those who serve, specifically when it comes to mental health. I’ll take action any day over talk when it comes to taking care of those who signed up to take care of us.

Nevertheless, I am not writing this rebuttal as an employee of Colin Wilhelm for Colorado — I am writing as a veteran who is tired of the inaction in Congress and the effect that has on our men and women in uniform.

There are many more issues with the Vail Daily column, like the fact that Boebert most likely didn’t write it, or that she is the definition of vitriol in congress. It’s hard to fall behind the leadership of someone who until 2020 (when Rep. Boebert received her GED), was ineligible to serve in the military herself. It’s time we had real leadership to represent Colorado’s sprawling 3rd Congressional District and put forth the moderate policy that this district requires.

Westley J. Crouch is the communications director for Colin Wilhelm for Colorado. He served as a combat medic in the United States Army for nearly seven years from Jan. 2010 to Nov. 2016.

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