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Elecciones 2023 para Distritos Especiales

Thanks to all who attended Eagle County Caucus and County Assembly & Convention

Eagle County Democrats turned out in force to participate in the 2024 Caucuses, County Assembly and Convention held virtually on Saturday, March 9, 2024. Over 430 people signed up to attend Caucus, Assembly, and Convention, with over 350 people in attendance over Zoom.

At the County Assembly, county delegates voted for the commissioner candidates to be placed on the June primary ballot. Matt Scherr was designated to the primary ballot in District 1. We would like to congratulate Tom Boyd and Sarah Smith Hymes who both earned enough votes to compete on the June 25 state primary ballot in District 2. And we would like to also congratulate Geoff Grimmer on running a great campaign. 

What happens next? The delegates elected at the 2024 Caucuses, County Assembly and Convention will now go to multi-county district and judicial assemblies, and the congressional and state assemblies and conventions to delegate our other candidates to the ballot and elect representatives to the Democratic National Committee & Convention.
Please take note of these important dates - Higher Assemblies & Conventions:
  • House District 26 - March 30 at 12pm noon

  • House District 57 - March 30 at 12pm noon

  • Senate District 5 - March 30 at 2pm 

  • Judicial District 5 - April 6 at 12pm noon

  • Congressional District 2 - April 11 at 6pm

  • Congressional District 3 - April 11 at 6pm

  • State Assembly & Convention - April 13, 2024 (time TBA)

All of Eagle County is in Judicial District 5 but is split between two different House, Senate, and Congressional Districts. As a general rule, the Eagle River Valley is in CD2, SD8, and HD26 and the Roaring Fork Valley is in CD3, SD5, and HD57, although there are some exceptions. To find which districts you reside in, please visit the following interactive maps where you can search for your address:

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