Being pro-choice is about our freedom and power – we control our own bodies, lives, and futures!

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“I’m 68, and I know how terrible it was when women didn’t have access to safe, legal abortion,” said protester Annie Goodman. “What are we going to do with all these women that have unwanted pregnancies and no health care to support them through a pregnancy? What if they have a terrible pregnancy where they need extensive medical care? I respect people who have their religious beliefs, but they have to respect everyone else’s religious beliefs too, and my beliefs are you don’t bring a child into this world unless you have a support system and the resources to take care of that child.”

-- Annie Goodman, protester at the Rally for Reproductive Rights, Edwards

Our right to abortion is under direct threat. The shocking, leaked draft of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is the most alarming and ominous sign yet of what's to come for the future of abortion rights and access in the United States. And although Colorado is a safe-haven state for women's reproductive care we're pissed off and demonstrating (and why you should, too):


1. A change in leadership in Colorado could change that.

2. Federal action outlawing pregnancy termination (as McConnell been threatening) could change that.

3. We stand in solidarity with the people who live in states where those rights have already been taken away, or soon will be.

4. This is about more than reproductive is about the right to control our own bodies.

5. And this is just the first step in taking away other rights established as precedent by the Supreme Court. Members of the Republican Party have already been out there spouting off all kinds of things they think should be "left up to the states" including same sex marriage, interracial marriage, voting rights, etc., etc, etc. EVERYONE'S FREEDOMS ARE AT STAKE.

We have curated a list of organizations that support women's reproductive freedom, women's healthcare agencies, and other non-profits that help to elect pro-choice candidates. These organizations really need our financial support. Every donation, regardless of size, will help this fight!  Please consider lending your financial support to any one of these worthy organizations!

And remember....WE WILL NOT GO BACK!!!!

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