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Per Colorado Democratic Party Bylaws, meetings must be held at the beginning of odd years to elect officers and leadership at the county, district, initiative, and state levels. Below you will find details about the various positions up for election. All positions are held by volunteers and any registered Democrat residing in the related district is eligible to run. The term of every office is 2 years


Between the 1st day of February and the 15th day of February of odd-numbered years, county central committees elect a chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer. Eagle County may also elect a 2nd and 3rd Vice Chair by resolution of the county central committee. Based on the number of Officers elected, the chair further may appoint up to 4 or 5 additional members of the Executive Committee (additional members can not constitute more than 40% of the total county executive committee).​

If you are interested in running for any position, you may send an email to or completed our interest form. Click here to view a complete list of responsibilities per Officer position.

The Eagle County Democratic Party Reorganization meeting will be held:

Monday, February 6, 2023, at 5:30 PM

While anyone is welcome to attend the reorganization meeting, only members of the current Central Committee are able to cast a vote. Members of the Central Committee include all officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee, precinct organizers, and all Democratic Party elected officials residing in the related county or district. Being a member of county, district, and state central committees is the primary way you can influence the direction of the Party.

Before indicating your interest, please note that monthly county party meetings currently occur on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 5:30pm to 7:00pm, however, the newly elected Executive Committee officers may decide to change the date. Attendance of Executive Committee members is expected in order to make quroum for any agenda items requiring a vote. Per Party Bylaws, any committee member who fails to attend any three successive meetings of the committee, after having been given due notice of the time and place of such meeting, may be dropped from membership, unless a satisfactory excuse is provided and accepted by a majority vote of the full committee.​

Multi-County District Central Committee Representatives

Representatives must also be elected at Reorg to serve on the central committees of the state Party, and all multi-county districts to which Eagle County belongs. The Chair and Vice Chair, and sometimes the Secretary, are default members to committees they reside in. In districts where the Chair, Vice Chair, or Secretary do not reside in the related district, a resident of that district is appointed to serve at the pleasure of the Chair. Based on the number of votes cast in the county for the top Democrat on the ballot in the last two elections (whichever is greater), each county may also be entitled to elect a number of bonus members to serve on each central committee.

Members of state senate, house, and judicial districts are also members of the district's vacancy committee. If the Democratic Party elected official serving in that district vacates the position for any reason during their term, the vacancy committee is responsible for appointing a replacement until the next regularly scheduled election. 

  • State Central Committee - County Chair & Vice Chair + 4 bonus members

  • Congressional District 2 - County Chair & Vice Chair + 2 bonus members

  • Congressional District 3 - County Chair & Vice Chair

  • State Senate District 5 - County Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary + 1 bonus member

  • State Senate District 8 - County Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary + 3 bonus members

  • State House District 26 - County Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary + 5 bonus members

  • State House District 57 - County Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary + 1 bonus member

  • State Judicial District 5 - Chair & Vice Chair + 4 bonus members


Eagle County is a party of 7 different Multi-County Districts. If you are not sure which districts you live in, please visit our district web page or go to and click on Find My Registration

  • Congressional Districts 2 and 3

  • State Senate Districts 5 and 8

  • State House District 26 and 57

  • State Judicial District 5

Reorganization meetings will take place on the following dates via Zoom when a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary will be elected. You do not have to be a member of the district central committee to run for an officer position. If you are interested in running for an officer position in any district, please send an email address to to request the email address of the district Chair.

  • Congressional District 2 - Mar 4 @ 11:30 AM

  • Congressional District 3 - Mar 4 @ 2:00 PM

  • Senate District 5 - Mar 5 @ 12:00 PM

  • Senate District 8 - Mar 5 @ 3:00 PM

  • Judicial District 5 - Mar 11 @ 2:00 PM

  • House District 26 - Mar 25 @ 3:00 PM

  • House District 57 - Mar 26 @ 1:00 PM


The State Party Reorganization will take place on Saturday, April 1, 2023 in person at the Denver Sheraton. Visit the state website for a description of each position up for election and learn about the candidates who are running. If you're interested in running for any officer position at the state party level, please send a letter of interest to


Multi-County District Bonus Member Candidates

State Central Committee Bonus Member Candidates (need 4)

  • Kerry Donovan

  • Geoff Grimmer

  • Donna Grauer

  • Lisa Lewis

  • Shad Murib

CD2 Central Committee Bonus Member Candidates (need 2)

  • Pat Hammon

SD5 Central Committee Bonus Member Candidates (need 1)

SD8 Central Committee Bonus Member Candidates (need 3)

  • Pat Hammon

HD26 Central Committee Bonus Member Candidates (need 5)

  • Pat Hammon

HD57 Central Committee Bonus Member Candidates (need 1)

JD5 Central Committee Bonus Member Candidates (need 4)

  • Donna Grauer

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